Commercial Photography
Professional photography isn't only about taking a nice photograph. It’s about understanding what you need. Then helping you achieve it by visually connecting to your customers in the most positive way. My job is to make you, your company, your client or your products look exceptional. No matter what business you are in, I’ll produce the finest images which presents your business or service to the best possible effect. With years of experience as a photographer, the most important thing I can offer you is knowledge. I know what makes a picture stand out. Once we have discussed your requirements, I will know exactly how to make pictures work for you. My advice is always free so I am delighted to speak with potential new clients both, large or small. So please feel free to contact me anytime by email or phone to discuss how I can help you get the images you need.

As a commercial photographer I work for my clients on a commissioned basis. I sell my time, my skills and my experience. I then offer the resulting photographs as part of a complete package. I am not a freelance photographer. I do not force my clients to buy limited rights to the images they have already paid for. So your licence to use the images is perpetual, worldwide, any medium, commercial use within your business. You should only pay once for your images.
Fully equipped studio - £30 per hour
Portable lighting equipment
Mobile product photography equipment
Full public liability and professional indemnity insurance
Oh and I also own a lot of cameras as well, which is particularly useful.

I see little difference between working for a commercial or a private client. So I treat them in exactly the same way and provide the same level of care, attention and professionalism. I charge private clients only for my time and expertise in the same way as I do my commercial customers. So I offer all images as high resolution digital files that you can use in almost any way you wish. Print them, share them or post them to social media. Once the we have finished the the shoot and you have paid for your pictures they are yours to do with as you wish. I am not a wedding photographer but I do know a couple of very good ones, so please ask. I can provide framed, canvas or metallic prints of you images. I also provide full studio facilities located in North West London, as required.

I am also interested in offering free photographic services to charities and NPO's. I am especially interested in those concerned with the environment and local conservation.
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