Hi, I’m Greg Townsend, I live in London and I earn my living taking photographs for my clients throughout the United Kingdom. It’s something I've been doing for quite a few years and some people think I've become quite good at it.
So why photography? Why did I pick this odd and sometimes precarious profession. Why be a 'snapper' rather than have a safe 9 to 5 job with a nice pension waiting for me at the end of it all?
The truth is I'm not special in my love of photography. Millions of people like taking pictures and millions more like looking at them. These days almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. This means they also have a camera, and by association they are all photographers. They may not be professionals or even talented amateurs. People still love capturing moments in time. They collect the important and beautiful things which they see. People love sharing their moments with each other as well. As I write this in late 2014 it's estimated that we have uploaded 250 billion images to Facebook alone.
Taking all these billions of pictures means that from time to time people are going to take some great ones. But these 'great' images happen by way of good luck. People often don't quite know how they got that great shot but there is real delight when they do. When someone is lucky enough to take a nice photograph it makes them happy.
But as a commercial photographer I’m not hired because I get lucky from time to time. I am hired because I know what I’m doing all the time. I'm making the right creative decisions which define the pictures I produce.
So while I can still take a bad picture now and then, I take great pictures as a matter of course. So by definition I'm always pretty happy. Which is why I choose to be a photographer. As for being lucky, I am lucky to love 
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